Red Hot Chili Peppers concert at the Pepsi Center

About 15 NewsGator employees went to the RHCP concert Friday night at the Pepsi Center, courtesy of NewsGator.

Before the concert, we met at the Rio Grande to get properly lubricated for the night. The Rio is justifiably famous for their margeritas, which I highly recommend. It was also noted that females seemed to outnumber males at the Rio by about three or four to one. By the time we left at 7:30, there was a line to get in almost half way down the block.

Once we made it to the Pepsi Center, the opening band, Mars Volta finally started sometime after eight. The nearly universal opinion was that they were incredibly bad!  Many of us retired to the hallways of the Pepsi Center to gawk at $40.00 concert T-shirts, but I somehow resisted the urge to buy one.  

After a long break to set up for the main event, the RHCP finally got going and put on a great show. Its always fun to see Anthony Kiedis jump around like he’s having a seizure!  Here is the concert review from the Denver Post.

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