Tamiya 1/35 Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. L model completed

I completed a pretty decent example of a German Panzer III Ausf. L this weekend. It represents a vehicle from the 18th Panzer Division in Russia in late 1942. The 18th Panzer Division was basically destroyed during the Battle of Kursk in 1943.

The Panzer III has always been one of my favorite German tanks. It was the first model that was a modern design in terms of how it was laid out, which has been carried down to the present day. The Ausf. L is one of the later models, with upgraded, spaced frontal armor, and a high velocity L/60 KwK39 50mm main gun. This variant could take on early Soviet T-34/76 and KV-1 tanks at relatively close range (800-1000 meters).

The Tamiya kit, is fairly recent vintage, with good mold and detail quality. Tamiya kits are much easier to build than the newer, more complicated Dragon kits, which often have 500-600 parts or more. I did chicken out again, and I just painted it overall Panzer Yellow, rather than trying a camoflage paint job. My model does have the top and side turrent hatches open, so you can see the main gun breech inside.

I am almost done with a German Marder IIIM. Mine won’t be quite as pretty as the one in the link, but I am working towards that.

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