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Casino Royale Mini-Review

No spoilers here, since many of my co-workers have not seen the latest Bond movie. I am very impressed with Daniel Craig’s Bond. He reminds me of Sean Connery, much more physical, with less emphasis on cute one-liners and gadgets. … Continue reading

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More about Windows ReadyBoost in Vista

Microsoft’s Jim Allchin has a good post on the Windows Vista Team Blog about how Windows ReadyBoost works. Tom Archer has some screenshots of what happens when you install ReadyBoost. I like the idea of ReadyBoost, especially for the average … Continue reading

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Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Plays in the Big Leagues

Microsoft is designing a 270TB, multinode data warehouse for a foreign government, and a 162TB single node database for their own internal use. This was announced at last week’s Professional Association for SQl Server (PASS) conference in Seattle. I know … Continue reading

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USMC 1979-83 – Part 1

Since I made the mistake of revealing that I had been a tank commander in the Marine Corps when I gave my two minute biography during my first week at NewsGator, people here often call me the Sarge. I just … Continue reading

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SQL Server Improvements for Katmai

At the SQL PASS conference, outgoing SQL Server development chief Paul Flessner talked about upcoming improvements for the next version of SQL Server, code-named Katmai, which is due in 2008. Microsoft also released¬†the November 2006¬†CTP build of SQL Server 2005 … Continue reading

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Both Windows Vista RTM and Office 2007 RTM Bits on MSDN Subscribers

Earlier this week, Microsoft put the Office 2007 RTM bits on MSDN Subscribers, followed yesterday afternoon by the Vista RTM bits. I was able to get all of them downloaded overnight (including both 32 and 64-bit versions of Vista), so … Continue reading

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A great whitepaper about Compilation issues in SQL Server 2005

Microsoft’s Arun Marathe wrote a very informative white paper back in 2004 titled Batch Compilation, Recompilation, and Plan Caching Issues in SQL Server 2005. It has a lot of good information about the relationship between statistics and compilation and recompilation. … Continue reading

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