WKRP in Cincinnati coming to DVD

I just read on TV Squad that WKRP in Cincinnati is finally coming out on DVD. It apparently had been delayed by rights issues for the music featured on the show. I personally was always a Bailey Quarters fan; I definitely thought she was more attractive than Loni Anderson’s character, Jennifer Marlowe. Maybe that is related to the fact that I preferred Mary Ann to Ginger in Gilligan’s Island, or that I liked Rachel better than Monica on Friends.

It’s amazing to me how many old TV shows are already available on DVD, including many that probably should not be… Just go into any Best Buy, and you will see several aisles devoted to TV shows on DVD. Rather than continuing to watch San Diego anniliate the Broncos yesterday, I watched the pilot and the first three episodes of Starsky & Hutch on DVD yesterday. What a hoot!

Now, I am waiting for The Six Million Dollar Man to come out on DVD. From what I read, it is also held up by legal wrangling.

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