A Letter to Santa from a Concerned Wiener Dog

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good little wiener dog this past year. I have played nice with my sister Roxy, and I have not had very many accidents in the house. I have chased a lot of rabbits, but they deserve to be chased!

You might think that I want a belly rub or a bag of Greenies for Christmas, but I actually want a new Dell PowerEdge 6800 database server with four dual-core 3.4GHz Tulsa CPU’s. My dad leaves geeky computer magazines lying around the house, so I am actually quite knowledgeable about server hardware for a 10 pound miniature dachshund. 

I was reading database server benchmarks yesterday during the blizzard, and I saw that the Tulsa CPU scores about 70% better than the older Paxville CPU. That was so exciting, I forgot all about the rabbit I was chasing in the picture below!

Please Santa, don’t break my heart…

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1 Response to A Letter to Santa from a Concerned Wiener Dog

  1. karyng says:

    Very creative..you know how much I love Ruby and Roxie. 

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