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Microsoft SQL Server XQuery Sample for DBAs

Back in March 2006, Bob Beauchemin blogged about how XQuery could be a useful tool for DBAs during normal administrative and tuning tasks. I decided to take his sample and tweak it a bit to make it a little easier … Continue reading

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WKRP in Cincinnati coming to DVD

I just read on TV Squad that WKRP in Cincinnati is finally coming out on DVD. It apparently had been delayed by rights issues for the music featured on the show. I personally was always a Bailey Quarters fan; I … Continue reading

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Quotiki Social Quotes Site

I recently stumbled upon Quotiki , which is a social quotes site that lets you quickly find and enjoy quotes. Here are a few gems: "Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever."–¬†Napoleon Bonaparte "You must not fight too often with … Continue reading

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DataDude RTM download available on MSDN

Gert Drapers posted about Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals RTM being available from MSDN Subscribers. This is great news, but I am still very disappointed that Visual Studio Team Suite is a prerequisite for DataDude. Visual Studio Team … Continue reading

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Southeast LightRail finally opens

After years of construction and many months of testing, the RTD Southeast LightRail finally opened on November 19. This is great news for me, since my commute from Parker to downtown Denver is about 26 miles each way. My 2004 … Continue reading

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Programming Myths in Movies has a good post up with a top ten list about common foolishness that Hollywood uses when they portray programmers or code in movies. You know, things like that silly electronic beeping sound when every new character is displayed … Continue reading

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December Holiday Promotion on NewsGator Products

NewsGator just launched a $10 off promotion on all of our client products, which is a pretty good deal…

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NASA planning a permanent Moon base by 2020

NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale announced plans for a permanent base on one of the poles of the Moon, with construction starting by 2020. I really hope that this actually happens, but I am not optimistic, with all of the … Continue reading

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Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Best Practices

The SQL Server Product guys (SQLCAT, specifically) have recently put up a very useful page on TechNet, with links to a lot of useful whitepapers, DMV scripts, and Top Ten Lists of SQL Server 2005 specific information. There are also … Continue reading

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Steve Ballmer is a Nut

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was at NASDAQ yesterday, to ring the opening bell to celebrate the release of Vista for business use. The picture below shows that he is not afraid to look foolish… ¬† ¬† Of course, this is … Continue reading

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