Jack Bauer Kill Count

I just enjoyed the first two hours of the sixth season of 24. I’ve been a fan of 24 from the first season, back before "it was cool". It seems like lots of people have discovered 24 in the last year or two, by watching DVDs from the previous seasons, sometimes in marathon sessions.

I think that it’s interesting that lots of techies and Microsoft employees are really into 24. I know that Kimberly Tripp is a big 24 fan, and Bill Gates mentioned how much he likes 24 in a recent interview. Unfortunately, Rush Limbaugh is also a 24 fan.

I stumbled upon this site, where they have catalogued every kill that Jack Bauer has chalked up (complete with photos and videos), along with a description of the victim and the kill method.

One welcome addition to CTU this season is Nadia Yassir, played by Marisol Nichols, who is very hot! Of course, she has already made the mistake of letting Chloe push her around…


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8 Responses to Jack Bauer Kill Count

  1. Louis says:

    I think I might even have gotten my wife interested (possibly hooked) again.  She was so devastated by Jack\’s wife getting killed in season one that she has never been able to go back 🙂

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