Tony “Snowjob” in Action

According to chief WH propagandist Tony Snow, everything in Iraq has gone well. This exchange was from yesterday’s White House presser:

Question: Slides from a pre-war briefing show that by this point, the U.S. expected that the Iraqi army would be able to stabilize the country and there would be as few as 5,000 U.S. troops there. What went wrong?

MR. SNOW: I’m not sure anything went wrong. At the beginning of the Civil War, people thought it would all be over at Manassas. It is very difficult — no, Jessica, the fact is, a war is a big, complex thing. And what you’re talking about is a 2002 assessment. We’re now in the year 2007, and it is well-known by anybody who has studied any war that war plans immediately become moot upon the first contact with the enemy.

At least with Scott McClellan, you could see that lying every day was difficult for him. Former Fox News employee Tony Snow seems to revel in it. I think it is interesting how the White House keeps trying to draw weak parallels between our "Dear Leader" and President Lincoln. Previously, they have tried to compare "W" to President Truman (he is misunderstood, people don’t appreciate his greatness, history will judge him more favorably than he is seen now, etc.).

The fact of the matter is that George W. Bush will very likely be judged to be the worst president in history, having done more damage to the United States and the world in six years than anyone could have imagined. Unfortunately, we are stuck with him for two more years…

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3 Responses to Tony “Snowjob” in Action

  1. Gordon says:

    Every President seems to want to be compared to Truman lately, which speaks to how much Truman\’s been rehabilitated, I suppose.

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