Lies heard at Best Buy

I was at my local Best Buy today, looking at laptop computers, since I saw a few fairly attractive looking deals in the Sunday ad insert. While I was checking some of the systems, I overheard a few interesting "facts" from some of the computer department employees.

One customer wondered out loud about whether Dell laptops might be an alternative to the HP and Toshiba laptops he was looking at in the store. The Best Buy employee’s response was: "Dell makes cheap laptops. They use parts that were rejected by HP and Toshiba. The Dell parts might be ok, since they might have almost passed the testing the HP and Toshiba do."  The customer seemed to accept this tall tale without question. I had a hard time keeping my mouth shut. I have to give credit to the BB employee for having a vivid imagination.

Another BB employee was doing his best to justify the greater cost of a loaded machine with 2GB of RAM by claiming that "the machine would be good for five or six years, since it had 2GB of RAM."  I would never argue that more RAM is not a good thing, but five or six years?

If you are ever bored while you are in Best Buy, try hanging out in the computer department for a few minutes to see what whoppers you might hear. I am what the CEO of Best Buy called a "bad customer", since I only go in and buy the loss leaders.

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