What will the Right-Wing do in 2008?

It seems like all of the current leading Republican presidental candidates have some serious issues meeting the standard conservative litmus tests. Rudy Giuliani is on his third marriage, with multiple extra-marital affairs. He also has been pro-choice, pro-gun control and pro-gay rights in the past. Mitt Romney is a Mormon, which is a deal-breaker for many evangelical Christians.

Even Newt Gingrich has now admitted to having an affair during the Clinton impeachment drama. Now, the International Association of FireFighters (IAFF) has purposely excluded Rudy Giulani from their bi-partisan candidate forum as this letter explains, due to his actions in November 2001, which prevented New York firefighters from continuing to attempt to recover the remains of their fallen comrades from the rubble of Ground Zero.

They must be getting pretty desperate, since there is now a Draft Fred Thompson web site. Sure, that is a great idea! He is a former Senator, and current actor, who plays a crusty D.A. on "Law and Order".  Maybe he could pick Charleton Heston as his running mate?  This could be very entertaining…

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