Faux News in Action

Former CIA agent and State Department official, Larry C. Johnson has a good post showing a collection of screenshots from Fox News over the past several years, that display a predictable pattern of outrageous and false "headlines" on the bottom of the screen crawl. Examples such as:

"Civil War" in Iraq: Made up by the Media?

All Out Civil War in Iraq: Could it be a Good Thing?

Dow Nears All Time High: Proof Tax Cuts Work?

Why the Fuss About Torturing People that Want Us Dead?

Of course it is no surprise that VP Cheney has a written requirement that all televisions in his "downtime suites" be tuned to Fox News, to enjoy with his Diet Caffeine-Free Sprite. Or that Condie Rice was caught on an open mike saying: "My Fox guys, I love every single one of them." Then you have Fox News anchor Brit Hume opining that the real problem with Walter Reed is simply that "it looks terrible" for the Bush Administration.

It will be interesting to see what historians have to say about the Bush 43 era. What will they say about so many of the American people, who allowed their fear to blind them to the inepitude and crimes of the Bush cabal?

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