Photos of USMC in Beirut 1983

Someone named Chris Mrosko has posted a series of twenty pictures of the Marines in Beirut in 1983. These pictures seem very familiar to me, (even though I was not in Beirut).

You see some good shots of the infamous M151 "MUTT", which was the Vietnam-era jeep, which had four-wheel independent suspension, and a dangerous tendency to rollover. It was later replaced by the Humvee. While I was a radio operator with Bravo, 1/1, I had a military license so I could drive an M151.

You also see some good shots of the 1983-era Woodland BDU uniforms, along with the M1 steel pot helmets. By this time, the US Army had re-equipped with the kevlar Fritz helmet. These pictures also show the Vietnam-era nylon flak jackets and the M16A1 rifles.

Finally, there are several photos of M60A1 Rise/Passive tanks, which the Marines had in service all the way up until Desert Storm.

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