Intel Santa Rosa PC Platform

Intel’s Mooly Eden announced details about the upcoming Santa Rosa platform (due by the end of June). It will include Enhanced Dynamic Acceleration Technology, which according to Eden is:

"The idea is the following," explained Eden. "If you are running a single threaded application, one of the cores can go to sleep, and the left over power can be used by the other core – we give it a turbo boost; the ability to run faster than it used to.

"This is not overclocking. Overclocking is when you take a chip and increase its clock speed and run it out of spec. This is not out of spec. Here, it is within the spec of the dual-cores, we just identify when one core is not using the headroom and we give it to the other core.

It will also implement Intel Turbo Memory (aka "Robson") which works somewhat like Windows Vista ReadyBoost.  It also boosts the FSB from 667MHz to 800MHz, and includes 802.11n draft wireless support.

His complete presentation is here. Warning: its a big PDF file.

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