More about SQL Server 2008 June CTP

Since Microsoft has officially announced that SQL Server "Katmai" will be SQL Server 2008, and they have released the June CTP of SQL Server 2008. I can talk a little more about it without getting into trouble. Microsoft has a short white paper here, that covers some of the new features that will be in SQL Server 2008. Here are a few high points:

  1. Transparent Data Encryption – This allows you to encrypt an entire database, with no application changes and very little performance impact. It will solve the old problem of individually encrypted columns making indexes useless, that exists in SQL Server 2005.
  2. Transparent Mirroring Failover – This allows database mirroring failover to occur without having to set a failover partner in your connection string, like you have to do in SQL Server 2005.
  3. Log Stream Compression – This compresses the log stream for database mirroring, which reduces your bandwidth requirements for mirroring.
  4. Data Compression – This will allow you to reduce your disk space requirements and can improve performance for I/O bound workloads.
  5. Backup Compression – This will reduce your disk space requirements for backups.
  6. Resource Governor – This will allow you to control how much memory, CPU, etc. is allotted to different users, hosts, etc.
  7. FileStream Data – This will allow you to store data (such as blobs) in the NTFS file system, yet allow SQL Server 2008 to completely manage it.
  8. MERGE SQL Statement – This is like an "Upsert" on steroids!

Here is a link that has a copy of a Powerpoint presentation from TechEd 2007 about SQL Server 2008

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