Improvements to Clustering in Windows Server 2008

Techlog has a nice summary of improvements in fail-over clustering in Windows Server 2008. Rodney Fournier lists some more details below:

  • No service account – now uses a local system account

  • No support for Parallel Attached SCSI (PAS), this allows for better hardware control and failover

  • 16 nodes if you use a 64-bit edition of Windows Server 2008

  • Support for GPT disks, yes larger than 2TB disks are now supported natively

  • Validate – ensure your systems are cluster ready and help you follow best practices

  • 4 Quorum models, no more single point of failure for the quorum

    • Majority quorum model

    • Majority of Nodes

    • Witness disk

    • File Share Witness

  • Improved IPSec, no more 7 minute timeout when failed over!

  • Stretched clusters can have nodes in different network segments with various speeds

  • Cluster Migration Tool – to help you migrate 🙂

  • MMC 3.0 snap-in, no longer a separate application

  • Setup/install 2003 was 23 steps, now 3 steps. Yes I said 3 steps

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