More Fun with Windows Home Server

I decided to rebuild my Windows Home Server (WHS), using an Antec 900 case (which holds six 3.5 inch internal drives and has great cooling). I loaded it up with five 400GB Western Digital SATA 300 drives, and one 200GB Western Digital SATA 300 drive. This gives me 2TB of internal storage (after formatting). The ABIT motherboard I used also supports ten USB 2.0 ports and one FireWire port. This means I can plug up to 11 external drives into the server and have Windows Home Server add them to my available storage.

After rebuilding the server and reinstalling the OS, I added two of my Vista machines as clients using the Windows Home Server Connector Software. Notice that WHS is complaining that my Network Health is Critical. This is because I don’t have any AV software running on my teaching laptop. Shame on me!

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