Great Deal From Radio Shack

I typically don’t go to Radio Shack to shop that often, but I happened to drop in to one last weekend, and I was pretty amazed at a deal they had on a closeout Yamaha AV Receiver. It was the Yamaha HTR-5940, which was recently replaced by the Yamaha HTR-6040.  Radio Shack is selling the 5940 for $170, which is about 50% off its original retail price of $349. It’s also lower than any other price on NexTag!

This is definitely not a top of the line receiver with all the latest bells and whistles (such as HDMI inputs), but it is a nice 6.1 unit with component video and both optical and coax digital audio inputs and a high quality amplifier. I ended up buying one to hook up to my Vista Ultimate gaming machine, and I am really happy with it.

I know many of my friends and co-workers who have relatively ancient Dolby Pro-Logic based receivers. This little Yamaha would be a huge improvement for people in that situation.


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