More about SQLPASS 2007

Brent Ozar has a good wrap-up of the sessions that he attended at PASS 07 today. I attended several of the same sessions, and had some similar impressions. The SQLCAT/MySpace session was very interesting, although they actually said they were adding about one DL-585 database server every week (not every day).

This is my first PASS Summit, and it is quite different than Microsoft TechEd or PDC. It is obviously much more tightly focused on SQL Server, and it is much smaller (with about 2300 attendees vs. 15,000 for a TechEd). It is also lower budget. At TechEd or PDC, it seems that Microsoft is determined to fatten up everyone by featuring an endless supply of junk food at every break, while PASS had one sad little table with cookies (complete with a volunteer admonishing everyone to only take one).

Another interesting thing (to me at least) was a little Meet and Greet contest/drawing sponsored by Dell. All attendees were given a card with about a dozen squares with different types of people (such as Speaker, Vendor, MVP, etc.) In order to enter the drawing, you have to get your card signed by all of the types of people specified. Since I am a Microsoft MVP, (and my conference badge has a big green ribbon that says so), I am getting used to being asked by lots and lots of people to sign their card (which is about as close as I have ever been to feeling famous).

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