Developers Are Bored By Data

Adam Machanic has a good post on about how many developers are not interested in boring old "database stuff". I also often see this attitude in management at many companies. The database is just assumed to be there, with no issues, through some mysterious process that is too boring to understand.

It seems to be a lot more interesting for many developers and managers to get enthused about the latest shiny UI gadget like AJAX or Silverlight. I have to agree with Adam that this is an unfortunate attitude that is very common.

Many applications (and businesses) have a core dependency on data that is stored in an old fashioned, relational database, complete with the necessary infrastructure to support it. If the database (or data) has issues, everyone notices immediately. DBAs usually don’t have the luxury of being able to easily pull a server out of a load balancer for maintenance (like you can with a Web or Application server), so they have to work without that safety net.


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