Burger King Too Much Kick Commercial

Burger King is running a funny new TV commercial for their Spicy Chicken Sandwich that features a Kung Fu Master type character instructing a chicken in martial arts.  A rough script of the action is below:

Kung Fu Master: "You have too much kick, learn to control it!"

Chicken knocks over barrel

Kung Fu Master: "Again!"

Chicken knocks down small building

Kung Fu Master: "Still too much kick"

Chicken knocks head off of large statue

Kung Fu Master:  "Lit-tle kick"

Kung Fu Master:  "You are ready…"

Chicken precisely side kicks the Master’s walking stick, splitting it vertically down the middle.

Chicken: "Awwwwwww"

For some reason, this commercial reminds me of one of my co-workers, Jeff T., since he shows a similar enthusiasm for life as the chicken (which is a good thing). 

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