The Future of Software Development

Alex Iskold of Read/WriteWeb has a short, but interesting article about the history and future of software development. He basically claims that the venerable old waterfall method is dead, and that everyone will soon be using Agile, which will also make off-shoring less attractive. I’m not sure I completely agree with this. Agile is great for many types of projects, but not all. Some types of larger projects are still better done with the waterfall method, and lets face it, many shops are too rigid to do anything but waterfall.

I also have a more cynical view regarding the motives of larger corporations and the whole idea of "corporatism". Most large public corporations are so focused on quarterly results that they will almost gleefully outsource everything possible and do other morally questionable things in order to meet a stock analyst’s expectations each quarter, regardless of the long-term effects for the corporation or overall society.

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