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Lock Pages In Memory and Local System Account

Bob Ward (who is a very senior Escalation Engineer with Microsoft SQL Server PSS), has a good post about whether you need to grant the Lock Pages In Memory right to the Local System account for SQL Server. I would argue … Continue reading

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NewsGator Launches NewsGator Social Sites

Our Enterprise team has done a great job finishing NewsGator Social Sites. It was announced at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco today. The press release is here. Technorati Tags: NewsGator, Social Sites, SharePoint

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Cumulative Update 4 For SQL Server 2005 SP2

Microsoft has released Cumulative Update 4 For SQL Server 2005 SP2, which is Build 3200. As usual, there is no direct download link, but you can go here and file an online request to have a link sent to you. … Continue reading

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Recovered WWII German Panther Ausf A

There is quite a debate going on among the modeling and armor enthusiast community about the fate of a heavily damaged Panther Ausf A that was recently recovered. It is currently on display at the Sinsheim Auto & Technic Museum … Continue reading

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Understanding the Business Benefits Associated with x86 64-bit Windows Server

Microsoft has a link to a 23 page, IDC authored whitepaper called Understanding the Business Benefits Associated with x86 64-bit Windows Server, which is a good read. In my opinion, there is no good reason to deploy any new server or … Continue reading

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The Future of Software Development

Alex Iskold of Read/WriteWeb has a short, but interesting article about the history and future of software development. He basically claims that the venerable old waterfall method is dead, and that everyone will soon be using Agile, which will also … Continue reading

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NewsGator Joins APML Workgroup

Nick Bradbury announced this morning that future releases of FeedDemon, NetNewsWire and NewsGator Inbox will support Attention Profiling Markup Language (APML), and that he has joined the APML Workgroup. Nick Harris talks about this development and what it means for … Continue reading

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Burger King Too Much Kick Commercial

Burger King is running a funny new TV commercial for their Spicy Chicken Sandwich that features a Kung Fu Master type character instructing a chicken in martial arts.  A rough script of the action is below: Kung Fu Master: "You … Continue reading

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Five Very Useful Index Selection Queries for SQL Server 2005

When it comes to maintaining and improving SQL Server 2005 performance, it is pretty hard to think of anything that is more important than proper index selection and maintenance. In earlier versions of SQL Server, it was pretty difficult to … Continue reading

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Windows Live Writer Beta 3 Available

Microsoft has released another beta of Windows Live Writer, which adds several new features. I also noticed that Microsoft has increased the size of SkyDrive to 1GB, so I signed up for a free account. Finally, to finish this Microsoft-centric … Continue reading

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