There have been several stories published indicating that CompUSA has been sold to Gordon Brothers Group for liquidation after the holiday season. This is certainly sad news for their remaining employees, but the chain won’t be missed by many. They were plagued by high prices, mediocre selection, and indifferent customer service. A much better local alternative for computer parts is MicroCenter.

Of course, the best alternative for computer parts (if you can wait a few days) is NewEgg, with great prices and no sales tax. I think the next big-box casualty will be Circuit City, which is notorious for very poor customer service and understaffed store locations, (especially after they got rid of their more senior employees a while back). I think that CC has never recovered from their decision to stop selling appliances.

This will leave a lot of people to the tender mercies of Best Buy. I have a love/hate relationship with Best Buy. They are good for buying loss/leader items like new release DVD movies, open box specials, etc. They are not as bad as they used to be about aggressively pushing extended warranties and magazine subscriptions. On the other hand, most of their employees have very little product knowledge (and this includes Geek Squad and Magnolia Home Theater). I actually feel sorry for Joe Consumer getting product advice from Best Buy.

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