Big News At NewsGator!

Lots of big news was announced regarding NewsGator today at 11:00AM. First, all of our best of breed client readers (NetNewsWire 3.1, FeedDemon 2.6, NewsGator Go!, and NewsGator Inbox 3.0) are now completely free. We have also released new versions of all of the client products, with lots of new features and enhancements.

Second, we have a released a new version of our web-based RSS reader, that performs even better than our old reader did. Of course all of our products synchronize, using our NewsGator Platform, so that your read states stay consistent regardless of what NewsGator client you use to read your feeds. So for example, if you use FeedDemon on your Windows machine at work, then use a mobile client while you are commuting on Light Rail, then use NetNewsWire on your Mac at home, you will not have to worry about seeing the same articles after you have already read them.

Our CTO, Greg Reinacker, describes the rationale behind this here. Nick Harris (Newsgator Inbox developer) explains his perspective here. FeedDemon developer Nick Bradbury blogs about this here. Brent Simmons (who is the NetNewsWire developer) discusses his take on this here.

A detailed Q&A about all of this is here. Finally, our press release about this is here.


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