Very Favorable Review of Windows Vista SP1 RTM

TechNet Australia has a short review where the author (who is a Microsoft employee) is very happy with the results after installing Vista SP1 on his Toshiba R500 laptop.

If you feel like really geeking out, Microsoft’s Mark Russinovich, has a very detailed post that outlines the difference in how file copies are handled in Windows XP, Vista RTM, and Vista SP1, and discusses the improvements that were made in Vista SP1. File copy performance has been one of my biggest gripes in Vista RTM, so I am very glad to see these improvements so well explained by Mark.

UX Evangelist has a post that links to a French website (PC Inpact) that purports to show official Microsoft change requests that indicate an actual release date for Vista SP1 of February 18 or 19th.

Yesterday, I posted a suggestion on Microsoft Connect about how poorly I thought Microsoft was handling the actual release of the Vista SP1 RTM bits. If you agree with me, go there and vote on it.


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