Microsoft Caves Somewhat on Windows SP1 RTM Availability

Last week Microsoft’s Mike Nash proudly announced that Vista SP1 had released to manufacturing (RTM), but that the bits would not be available for about six weeks, due to issues with some 3rd party drivers that did not properly reinstall during the SP1 update process. Needless to say, this provoked a lot of criticism of Microsoft’s decision.

Today, Mike Nash announced a slight modification of the policy, which does not seem to have mollified the criticism very much…

This gist of the new policy is shown below:

  • Late Friday we made SP1 RTM available to individuals and companies who participated in the SP1 beta program
  • At the end of this week we will be making the English version of Windows Vista SP1 available to Volume Licensing customers.  Other languages will follow soon after
  • Later this month, SP1 will be available to MSDN and TechNet Plus subscribers

I have to agree that this is still pretty lame decision making by Microsoft, perhaps even an example of "random thinking". What they should do (IMHO) is make the download available in the next day or so on MSDN and TechNet Plus, along with a KB article that shows how to work-around and resolve common SP1 related driver issues that Microsoft is aware of. This will let more technically oriented and Microsoft connected people get the bits, so they can start testing (and quit complaining), and will keep it away from the masses (from Windows and Microsoft Update).


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