More Free Software From Microsoft

If you attend one of the free, Heroes Happen Here events, you will get quite a bit of free software (not to mention lots of good information).

Register at HeroesHappenHere) to attend a U.S. launch event and go home with free software.

Here’s what Microsoft will be giving out at the launch events in the U.S.:

Windows Server 2008 Enterprise RTM (64- and 32-bit, product key included), not for resale.

Visual Studio 2008 Standard RTM, not for resale.

SQL Server 2008 CTP 5.0 with standard evaluation EULA (includes voucher redeemable for the RTM release when available).


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1 Response to More Free Software From Microsoft

  1. Wayward says:

    You\’re way to tech for this cosmic cowboy, but I saw you were from Denver.  Me too!
    Peace, Love, Hippie Stuff,
    Wayward Bill

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