In Redmond Getting More Brainwashing

I have been in Redmond this week, in meetings with some members of the SQL Server Development team about SQL Server 2008 and the next version of SQL Server. Unfortunately, I can’t get into any specifics, but I will say that SQL Server 2008 is looking very good as far as quality goes, and I am very confident that Microsoft will make their publicly stated Q3 release date.

I am also pleased that I have not heard anyone from Microsoft utter the "word" performant so far this week!  In all seriousness, I have enjoyed the trip and I have gotten a lot of valuable information so far.

One useful bit of information is that if you want Visual Studio 2008 to work well with SQL Server 2008 CTP6, you need this patch for Visual Studio 2008. There is a similar patch available for Visual Studio 2005.

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