Speaking At Denver SQL Server User’s Group on May 15

Just in case you have an uncontrollable urge to hear me speak or meet me, I will be giving a presentation on May 15, 2008 at the Denver SQL Server User’s Group entitled "Tips and Tricks for Using SQL Server 2008 Integrated Full Text Search
in a High Volume OLTP Environment". Here is the abstract for the session:

Full Text Search has been completely rewritten in SQL Server 2008 to
be natively integrated with the SQL Engine. This can give very
significant performance improvements compared to previous versions of
Full Text Search. In order to realize all the performance benefits of
SQL Server 2008 iFTS, you need to be aware of how to configure,
monitor, and maintain your full text catalog/indexes, and the
relational base tables that they are based on. This session will give
you real-world proven techniques and T-SQL code that you can use to
monitor and optimize your full text performance, especially with a
volatile, high volume OLTP workload.

We have been doing quite a bit of testing in our Production environment with the CTP6 build of SQL Server 2008 using Integrated Full Text Search (iFTS), with pretty good results. I have learned a few lessons with this "trial by fire", that I hope to pass along.

The Denver Microsoft office is shown below:


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