My Own Walden Pond

I am spending a few days with a group of veteran SQL Server DBAs on the beautiful campus of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, which was founded in 1804. It really is a wonderful setting, next to the Hocking River, with lush vegetation and many lovingly maintained and restored old buildings, and lots of ground hogs! From what I can see, groundhogs (not woodchucks according to Ohio natives) are extremely common here, despite the denials of my NewsGator co-worker Nick Harris. He claims he never saw any groundhogs while he was a student here.

Walden Pond is where Henry David Thoreau lived for two years in the 1840’s, in order to be able to contemplate life away from the hustle and bustle of civilization. I am certainly no Thoreau, but I am busy thinking about SQL Server 2008, away from my normal responsibilities at home. Unfortunately, I cannot get into exactly what I am doing here…

I have also gotten to spend some time talking with Satya Jayanty, who is a SQL Server MVP from Edinburgh, Scotland. I had met him briefly at the Microsoft MVP Summit in Seattle, back in April of 2008, but I have had more time to get to know him this week, and I am impressed with his attitude and knowledge about SQL Server 2005/2008. His blog is a good resource for SQL Server information.


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