More Intel Hardware News

Intel’s Chris Peters has a couple of videos up where he talks about Intel’s Tick-Tock strategy and about the upcoming 45nm Dunnington and the Nehalem families of processors.  The Dunnington is particularly interesting to me, since it is based on the Core microarchitecture, and it will have 16MB of L3 cache and six cores per processor. It will be pin compatible with the existing X7350 Xeon, and should drop right into a Dell PowerEdge R900 four-socket server. This is due out during the 2nd half of 2008, and should perform really well with SQL Server 2008.

This video explains some of the differences between the various Intel Xeon product lines.

Speaking of Nehalem, Tom’s Hardware has some preview information of a Nehalem/X58 based system that they have been playing with. It is a quad-core, with hyper-threading, so the OS will see eight CPUs. The CPU has an integrated memory controller (like AMD), so this should really increase memory performance. This presages what we will see on the server side in late 2008/early 2009.

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