The Mojave Experiment

Microsoft has a new marketing campaign called “the Mojave Experiment”, where they bring in average computer users to see a preview of a new Microsoft operating system called Mojave.  It is in a focus group situation, complete with hidden cameras and microphones. Before they get to see “Mojave”, they are asked a series of questions about their impression of Windows Vista, which are pretty strongly negative.

Then they are shown this new operating system, and they are very impressed with it. Finally, they are told that it is actually Windows Vista, and they are shocked, shocked, I tell you!

This reminds me of the old Folgers Crystals commercials, where they “secretly replaced the coffee at this five star restaurant with Folger’s Crystals”, and the diners could not tell the difference.

I have been running both Vista Home Premium and Vista Ultimate on several machines for almost eighteen months, and I am pretty happy with it. It has definitely improved quite a bit since RTM. Of course I have pretty decent hardware, and I know what I am doing, unlike many of the Vista haters out there. Still, there is no doubt that there is a huge perception problem out there about Vista, and that Microsoft made many mistakes in its design and implementation.  They also did a pretty poor job of marketing, and they have not gotten the best support from third parties as far as drivers and application compatibility.

The Windows Vista Blog has some details about this here.

Maybe this experiment will change a few minds. Probably not, since the Vista hate is very strong out there.


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