SQL Server 2005 and 2008 Builds

Microsoft has a couple of KB articles up listing the builds of SQL Server 2008 that were released after RTM, and the builds of SQL Server 2005 that were released after SQL Server 2005 SP2 was released.

It is interesting that there is already a hotfix release for SQL Server 2008, which is Build 1750. I have all of my development servers on SQL Server 2008 RTM (Build 1600) and about half of my production servers.

The more I use SQL Server 2008, the more I like it (even though I was 100% SQL Server 2005 before). Even though I was in the Katmai TAP program (which means I have been using CTP builds of 2008 for nearly 18 months), it is different when you actually start using 2008 for everything. Having Intellisense in SSMS is very nice. I can’t imagine having to run SQL Server 2000 anymore…


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