RAID 0 Benchmarks For Intel X-25M SSD Drives

HotHardWare has benchmark results up for Intel’s new mainstream X-25M MLC SSD in a RAID 0 configuration. RAID 0 is just striping with no parity, which is dangerous but very fast. It is very popular among gaming enthusiasts, since it lets you boot much faster, load games and levels faster, etc.  Notice how much faster the X-25M RAID 0 setup is compared to the Western Digital Velociraptor (which was the previous speed champ). One caveat, is that the reference drives in the benchmark are just single drives, instead of RAID 0. You can usually add about 50-60% to a single drive when you go to RAID 0. Even so, the Intel X-25M kicks some butt here. I cannot wait to see how the enterprise-class X-25E SLC drives perform!

Endgadget covers it here.


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