Intel Core i7 (Nehalem) Almost Here

Engadget has a post up showing a screenshot of where NewEgg had pricing information up for the upcoming Intel Core i7 processors, which are due to go on sale on November 17, 2008. They include the 2.66GHz 920 for $320, the 2.93GHz 940 for $600, and the 3.2GHz 965 for $1070!

In my opinion, you would have to be pretty silly to spring for the 965 at more than triple the price of the 920 (for only about a 25% difference in clock speed).  If you want to jump on the Core i7 bandwagon, you will need a new motherboard and you will bite the bullet and get some DDR3 RAM, which still costs about twice as much as DDR3 RAM.

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