Intel Core i7 Lust

The long awaited Intel Core i7 processor went on sale on November 16, both at NewEgg and MicroCenter. As is often the case, MicroCenter beats NewEgg’s price. MicroCenter has a small selection of processors, and they often are out of stock, but for what they have, they usually beat NewEgg by enough to make up for the sales tax.

Since I am an inveterate hardware geek, I felt a strong urge to buy the parts to build a Core i7 based system. In order to do this, I would need the i7 920 CPU, a new X58 chipset motherboard, and a supply of DDR3 RAM. By the time, I was done with this, I would be looking at about $1000 for those three components. I already have all of the other parts I would need to complete the system.

After much agonizing, I decided to forego the instant gratification for now.  I already have a couple of Penryn based E8400 systems at home, and a Penryn based T8100 laptop that I use for teaching. I just couldn’t rationalize springing for the Core i7 system. The good thing about this is that Core2 Quad prices may drop even quicker now.

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