Winter Teaching Schedule At University College

I am teaching three courses at the University of Denver, University College this quarter. These include MCIS 4423 – Introduction to SQL Server 2008, MCIS 4425 Database Design & Programming, and MCIS 4495 Database Recovery and Backup.

All of these courses will use SQL Server 2008 Developer Edition. This edition of SQL Server 2008 can be purchased for about $50 from Amazon, or it can be downloaded for free from Microsoft DreamSpark. Unfortunately, the University of Denver is not yet on the DreamSpark list. Fortunately, DreamSpark has an arrangement with JourneyEd, which allows them to verify your student status, so you can easily take advantage of getting SQL Server 2008 Developer Edition as a free download.

The MCIS 4423 text book is Beginning SQL Server 2008 for Developers, the MCIS 4425 text book is A Developer’s Guide to Data Modeling for SQL Server, while the MCIS text book is Pro SQL Server Disaster Recovery. These are all available at the University of Denver Bookstore.

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