Useful New DMV in SQL Server 2008

There is a new sys.dm_exec_procedure_stats DMV that was added in SQL Server 2008, that lets you get aggregate performance statistics for all cached stored procedures in a particular database. In the sample query below, I do a simple inner join with the sys.procedures table to get the actual stored procedure name (instead of grabbing it from the text of the SP). This DMV is useful because it is aggregated at the procedure level instead of the statement level. This makes it easier to use with stored procedures that have multiple statement level plans (which made the 2005 specific query more confusing).

    -- Top SPs By Execution Count (SQL 2008)
    SELECT TOP (100) AS 'SP Name', qs.execution_count,
    ISNULL(qs.execution_count/DATEDIFF(Second, qs.cached_time, GetDate()), 0) AS 'Calls/Second',
    qs.total_worker_time/qs.execution_count AS 'AvgWorkerTime', qs.total_worker_time AS 'TotalWorkerTime',  
    qs.total_elapsed_time, qs.total_elapsed_time/qs.execution_count AS 'avg_elapsed_time', qs.last_elapsed_time,
    qs.cached_time, qs.last_execution_time
    FROM sys.procedures AS p
    INNER JOIN sys.dm_exec_procedure_stats AS qs
    ON p.object_id = qs.object_id
    ORDER BY qs.execution_count DESC;
    -- Top SPs By Execution Count (SQL 2005)
    SELECT TOP (100) qt.text AS 'SP Name', qs.execution_count AS 'Execution Count',  
    qs.execution_count/DATEDIFF(Second, qs.creation_time, GetDate()) AS 'Calls/Second',
    qs.total_worker_time/qs.execution_count AS 'AvgWorkerTime',
    qs.total_worker_time AS 'TotalWorkerTime',
    qs.total_elapsed_time/qs.execution_count AS 'AvgElapsedTime',
    qs.max_logical_reads, qs.max_logical_writes, qs.total_physical_reads, 
    DATEDIFF(Minute, qs.creation_time, GetDate()) AS 'Age in Cache'
    FROM sys.dm_exec_query_stats AS qs
    CROSS APPLY sys.dm_exec_sql_text(qs.sql_handle) AS qt
    WHERE qt.dbid = db_id() -- Filter by current database
    ORDER BY qs.execution_count DESC

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