Top 10 SQL Server 2008 Features for the Database Administrator (DBA)

Microsoft’s Mike Weiner has a new Top 10 List up on that outlines and explains the ten most valuable new features in SQL Server 20008 for the database administrator. These include Activity Monitor, SQL Server Audit, Backup Compression, Central Management servers, Data Collector and Management Data Warehouse, Data Compression, Policy-Based Management, Predictable Performance and Concurrency, Resource Governor, and Transparent Data Encryption.

This is a very useful article that can be used as ammunition as you try to convince your company why you should start upgrading to SQL Server 2008. We are almost completely upgraded to SQL Server 2008 in our online Production environment, and I have been very happy with the results.

Many of these are Enterprise Edition only features, but Enterprise Edition is really the only way to go for any large, busy SQL Server 2008 instance (in my humble opinion). I am currently using both Backup Compression and Data Compression with very good results. I have done a little bit with Central Management servers, Resource Governor, and Policy Based Management.

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