Minimizing Downtime With SQL Server 2008 Database Mirroring has a new blog post up that I co-authored with Kevin Cox from the SQLCAT Team. The full content of the post is available here.  Kevin Cox has been a very valuable and helpful resource from Microsoft since the earliest days of NewsGator back in 2003.

The “high volume OLTP Project” mentioned in the post is the NewsGator Online Platform, which powers the NewsGator Online RSS Reader, and provides API support to our products such as NetNewsWire, FeedDemon, NetNewsWire for the iPhone. We also expose an API that is used by many third party customers.

We have been using database mirroring for over two years, with excellent results, originally on SQL Server 2005, and now on SQL Server 2008. Database mirroring has saved us literally many hours of downtime during that period, since we can perform routine maintenance and upgrades on our data tier with outages of 15-30 seconds instead of multiple minutes.

Database mirroring also allows me to sleep much better at night, since I know that I have mirrored databases available (in addition to my database backups), that can be used to very quickly recover from a major hardware or storage subsystem failure with the principal databases.

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