Using SQL Server 2008 Database Mirroring to Become a Super Hero!

That is the title of a presentation and demo that I am scheduled to give at the Rocky Mountain Tech Trifecta, which will be held on February 21, 2009 at Metro State University in Denver. I was a very late addition to the schedule, but I was able to get a spot since fellow MVP Paul Nielsen was gracious enough to give me his 3PM slot (don’t worry, he still has two presentations). I am supposed to be in Room 1539.

Here is the abstract of my session:

Database mirroring is a valuable technology that can be used to minimize or avoid downtime due to hardware failures, with less complexity than fail-over clustering. It can also be used for other innovative uses, such as easily migrating from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008 with a 30-60 second outage. Database mirroring can be used during normal scheduled maintenance for rolling updates to minimize downtime. Database mirroring works very well for migrating very large databases from one SAN to another with minimal downtime. This session will cover all of these scenarios, with practical techniques, scripts and tips to help you take advantage of database mirroring.

This is an all day, free event that starts at 8AM. There are about 50 different sessions, with lots of good content and great speakers.

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