Day Two Of 2009 MVP Global Summit

The second day of the MVP Summit was packed full of good information most of which is NDA. I can say that I am excited about what I am seeing, and I am impressed with the openness and enthusiasm of the Microsoft SQL Product Group team members that I have talked with.

It was also a good chance to get to know some of my fellow MVPs a little better. I have met many MVPs from other countries, such as India. Pinal Dave is a very friendly and enthusiastic MVP from India who is a very frequent blogger. He often blogs about relatively simple, but very useful subjects, and he has a large readership for his blog. Some MVPs tend to blog pretty infrequently, and they sometimes like to blog about very obscure subjects, but not Pinal! Pinal had some very nice things to say about me in a recent post, for which I thank him.

I picked up a copy of Windows Home Server for my Dad at the new, larger Microsoft Company Store yesterday afternoon. There was a huge line of Microsoft employees waiting for Halo Wars for the XBOX 360 to go on sale later that day. I also bought a few other Microsoft logo’ed items to help complete my brainwashing process.

The SQL Server MVPs and about 50 people from the SQL Product Team had an excellent dinner (served family-style) at Maggianos last night. That was a good time. Paul Nielsen was voted the Most Contributing MVP by his peers, which was well deserved.

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