A Few More Useful SQL Server 2008 Specific Queries

Here are several more SQL Server 2008 specific queries that can help determine if you are using certain Enterprise Edition only features, which tables and indexes are using data compression, whether you are using any deprecated features, and look at your results with native backup compression. All of these will only work on SQL Server 2008.

-- Determine if you are using certain Enterprise Only features in SQL Server 2008
    SELECT feature_name, feature_id 
    FROM sys.dm_db_persisted_sku_features
-- Determine which tables and indexes are using data compression
    SELECT OBJECT_NAME([object_id]) AS [TableName], index_id, [rows], 
                       data_compression, data_compression_desc
    FROM sys.partitions
    WHERE data_compression > 0

-- Look for deprecated features in SQL Server 2008 
    SELECT object_name, instance_name, cntr_value 
    FROM sys.dm_os_performance_counters 
    WHERE object_name = 'SQLServer:Deprecated Features' 
    -- (Default instance) Alter this for named instances 

-- Look at recent compressed full backups
    SELECT TOP (5) bs.server_name, bs.database_name AS 'Database Name', 
    CONVERT (BIGINT, bs.backup_size / 1048576 ) AS 'Uncompressed Backup Size (MB)',
    CONVERT (BIGINT, bs.compressed_backup_size / 1048576 ) AS 'Compressed Backup Size (MB)',
    CONVERT (NUMERIC (20,2), (CONVERT (FLOAT, bs.backup_size) /
    CONVERT (FLOAT, bs.compressed_backup_size))) AS 'Compression Ratio', 
    DATEDIFF (SECOND, bs.backup_start_date, bs.backup_finish_date) AS 'Backup Elapsed Time (sec)',
    bs.backup_finish_date AS 'Backup Finish Date'
    FROM msdb.dbo.backupset AS bs 
    WHERE DATEDIFF (SECOND, bs.backup_start_date, bs.backup_finish_date) > 0 
    AND bs.backup_size > 0
    AND bs.type = 'D' -- Change to L if you want Log backups
    ORDER BY bs.backup_finish_date DESC

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