How To Enable “Lock Pages In Memory” For SQL Server 2005/2008 Standard Edition

Microsoft’s Bob Ward has a post up that spills the beans on what trace flag you can enable to allow “Lock Pages In Memory” support with SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition SP1 CU2 (Build 2714) now, and on on SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition SP3 CU5 in the June 2009 timeframe. Here is the gist of the instructions:

1) Install the Cumulative Update (which requires you first install SQL 2008 SP1. Remember if you have not installed SQL Server 2008 yet, you can use slipstream support to install RTM, SP1, and CU 2 all in one setup execution).

2) Enable trace flag 845 as a startup parameter

3) Ensure the service account for SQL Server has the Locked Pages in Memory privilege set. This is not required if the service account is LOCAL SYSTEM.

As with all trace flags, you should test this setting in your environment before you use it on a Production system.

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