Presentation At The Boulder SQL Server User’s Group On July 14

I will be giving the second presentation (from 7:15-8:00) at the Boulder SQL Server User’s Group on Tuesday, July 14.  I will be giving my “Using SQL Server 2008 Database Mirroring to Become a Super Hero!”  presentation.

Here is the abstract:

Database mirroring is a valuable technology that can be used to minimize or avoid downtime due to hardware failures, with less complexity than fail-over clustering. It can also be used for other innovative uses, such as easily migrating from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008 with a sub-minute outage. Database mirroring can be used during normal scheduled maintenance for rolling updates to minimize downtime. Database mirroring works very well for migrating very large databases from one SAN to another with minimal downtime. This session will cover all of these scenarios, with practical techniques, scripts and tips to help you take advantage of database mirroring. 

This was one of the presentations that I submitted to SQL PASS, but it only got accepted as an alternate. I should not complain though, since I had two others accepted for Community Sessions.

We have been using database mirroring for nearly three years at NewsGator, with very good results. In fact, it has saved our bacon a few times when we had some major issues with our primary SAN. We used to use a combination of failover clustering and mirroring on SQL Server 2005, but when we transitioned to SQL Server 2008, we went to mirroring exclusively.

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