Fun With A Toshiba NB205 Netbook

After a little bit of research and shopping around, I decided to buy a new Toshiba Mini NB205-311NW netbook at Best Buy. This model comes with the Intel Atom N280 1.66GHz CPU, which is slightly faster, than the Atom N270 that comes in many netbooks. It is also expandable to 2GB of RAM, unlike some 10” netbooks (such as the Dell Mini 10). It also comes with a 160GB 5400rpm drive, and Windows XP Home Edition SP3, just like most 10” netbooks.

Of course, I always want to tweak any hardware that I buy. I bumped the RAM up to 2GB, and put a 250GB 7200rpm drive, and then I installed the x86 version Windows 7 RC, (from a USB thumbdrive). Windows 7 installed drivers for everything except the Bluetooth stack.

Here are the Windows Experience Index numbers. Notice the hard disk score of 5.9, due to the 7200rpm drive. The lowest score is 2.0 for Graphics, due to the integrated graphics. Even with this relatively low graphics score, the system still supports Aero Glass, and graphics performance is pretty snappy for normal Windows use.

I have also installed SQL Server 2008 Developer Edition (just the database engine and SQL Server Management Studio), and performance is quite decent.

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18 Responses to Fun With A Toshiba NB205 Netbook

  1. Steve says:

    Does win 7 kill all the Toshiba bennies – eg the power mgmt, webcam, motion detector? Thx! Say hi to Greg. 

  2. Jose says:

    I can\’t seem to be able to activate Wifi, don\’t know what\’s wrong.

  3. CBR says:

    I just picked up an NB205 myself today – whilst looking for a reasonable netbook, the Toshiba seemed like it had the best build quality of the individual machines I poked and prodded. So far I\’ve been very impressed with the platform. I admit I\’ve been quite the Atom naysayer, but this little netbook is changing my mind. I haven\’t done the Windows 7 update yet, because I actually have real work I need to do with the little beast tomorrow. After I\’m done, however, I\’ll throw 7 on it and no doubt be in love.Jose: Did you activate WiFi first using Windows XP? It has to be activated using Windows XP before you install Windows 7 on it, as Toshiba hasn\’t provided a 7-compatible utility for WiFi yet. Reference this url: has begun to offer their utilities for Windows 7, though not all of them are out yet. Toshiba\’s support site has the goodies, which I believe consists of the hard drive jostle-protection software, the Bluetooth driver, and easy configuration software for the network, and their Value-add pack. Undoubtedly more will become available as the OS nears release.

  4. Joe says:

    CBR:I fixed everything that same day. It all comes down to having wifi activated previously AND updating windows 7 as soon as you install it (through ethernet). Everything but my bluetooth is working.

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