The Effect of Data Access Code On SQL Server Performance

Bob Beaucheamin, who works at SQLSkills, has an excellent new article in MSDN Magazine that explains how different methods of writing data access code in ADO.NET can have a huge effect on performance and security.

Here is the executive summary of the article:

1. Concatenating an ad-hoc SQL statement and submitting it without specifying the CommandType is extremely bad from a performance and security standpoint.

2. Parameterizing an ad-hoc SQL statement and using Parameters.AddWithValue is not as evil, but still bad. Parameters.AddWithValue does implicit type conversion of the parameter.

3. Using a parameterized stored procedure is best. It is more secure, easier to maintain, and will not bloat the procedure cache with single-use plans.

4. It usually makes sense to have multiple stored procedures instead of large, generic stored procedures.

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