PASS Summit Birds of a Feather Lunch

Mike Walsh, who is a PASS volunteer, has done a nice job organizing the PASS Summit Birds of a Feather Lunch, on Tuesday, November 3 at the PASS Summit in Seattle. You might be wondering what this is. In Mike’s words:

The Birds of a Feather event is a topic-based luncheon where a number of tables will be marked and discussion facilitated by a "technical leader". Both MVPs and members of the SQL CAT team will be facilitating tables.

The tables will be marked by name and subject, and there will be nine available seats at each table, that are first-come, first-served. Its is a good way to meet more people and hopefully learn something at lunch. There is quite a selection of subjects and SQL MVPs hosting tables, shown below:

32Bit/64Bit – What’s the difference?                                               Jonathan Kehayias
Agile Development in BI                                                               John Welch
App Dev Smackdown                                                                   Adam Machanic
Change Data Capture                                                                   Pinal Dave
Chow down on corruption                                                            Paul Randal
Common T-SQL Programming Mistakes                                        Plamen Ratchev
Data Mining                                                                                Dejan Sarka
Data Warehousing Concepts                                                        James Rowland-Jones
Database Mirroring                                                                     Glenn Berry
DBA Best Practices                                                                       Satya Jayanty
DBA Dashboards                                                                         Greg Larsen
DBA/Developer Team Development                                              Grant Fritchey
Don’t be afraid of XML!                                                               Jacob Sebastian
Dynamic Management Views                                                       Jason Strate
Erland on Error Handling and Dynamic SQL                                  Erland Sommarskog
Full Text Search and File Stream                                                   Robert Cain
Gemini’s impact on SSAS/Data Warehouse projects                       Vidas Matelis
Getting Started with T-SQL                                                           Kathi Kellenberger
Got Query Plan Reuse? Is it good?                                               Andrew Kelly
Failover Clustering                                                                      Christian Bolton
High Availability with Log Shipping                                               Edwin Sarmiento
High Availability in Virtualized Environments                                  Allan Hirt
High Availability in Virtualized Environments                                  Ross Mistry
Is Business Intelligence an Oxymoron?                                          Jessica Moss
IT Consulting – Notes from the field                                             Joe Webb
Key Performance Indicators -Monitoring Your Business                 Andrew Karcher
Kimberly Tripp Covers Indexes (and lunch)                                   Kimberly Tripp
Location Based BI With SQL Server 2008                                      Deepak Puri
Moving from Technologist to Manager                                       Kevin Kline
Multi Server Management                                                          Chuck Heinzelman
Multiply Yourself with Central Management Servers                      Ken Simmons
Performance Analysis/Tuning                                                      Kevin Boles
Performance Tuning Analysis Services                                         Chris Webb
Policy-Based Management                                                         Geoff Hiten
Powershell in SQL Server                                                            Sean McCown
What Is Professional Development for a SQL Professional?           Arnie Rowland
Relational Database Design                                                        Louis Davidson
Security                                                                                     Kenneth Kelley
Social Networking: Geek DBA to Butterfly                                     Jason Massie
SQL Azure                                                                                 Eduardo Castro
SQL Server Compact – The little database that could                     Erik Jensen
SQL Server Consolidation                                                           Peter Ward
SQL Server Reporting Services                                                    Andrea Benedetti
SQL Server Reporting Services on Analysis Services                     Grant Paisley
SSAS Calculation Measure Groups at Different Grains                  Greg Galloway
SSIS Scripts & Custom Objects                                                   Todd McDermid
Starting up your own MicroISV business                                      Paul Nielsen
Storage Best Practices                                                               Denny Cherry
Table Partitioning                                                                      Dan Guzman
Thinking in MDX                                                                        Tomislav Piasevoli
Troubleshooting SSIS (even the oddball issues)                            Andy Leonard
Understanding Execution Plans                                                   Gail Shaw
Virtualization (cohosted)                                                            John Paul Cook
Virtualization (cohosted)                                                            Charley Hanania
Visual Studio Database edition & TFS: How are you using it?        Rafael Salas
Why and How to Participate in the SQL Server Community            Andy Warren

There is a good possibility that some of the book authors will be giving away copies of their books at many of the tables.

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