MVP Summit Impressions From Day 1

Well, today was the opening day of the 2010 MVP Global Summit in Bellevue, WA. There were a few “side sessions” with content that I cannot discuss (not because anything secret was discussed), but because Microsoft is really cracking down on possible NDA violations, so the guidance is not to discuss any content, just talk about “the experience” of the summit.

No problem there with me.  In reality, if you are an MVP, or were at PASS 2009, or were in any recent TAP programs, you aren’t going to see much if anything you have not already heard about already. The real value of the MVP Summit is making and reinforcing connections with your peers in the MVP community, and with people on the the SQL Product team.

This year, the Summit hotels are in Bellevue rather than downtown Seattle. I have mixed feelings about this so far. I really like downtown Seattle and the Seattle Sheraton. I also like going to Capelli’s Gentlemen’s Barbershop for a haircut. On the other hand, I have no problem with the Hyatt Regency Bellevue so far (beyond the fact that their Internet access is pretty bad. Obviously, Bellevue is much closer to the Microsoft campus, which simplifies logistics and reduces costs for Microsoft.

Personally, it is nice to feel like I know more SQL MVPs each year, and that more of them know who I am. I got several unsolicited compliments from people who had gotten some good use out of my DMV diagnostic scripts, which was very nice.

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