SSWUG Ultimate vConference Discount Code

The SSWUG Ultimate Virtual Conference is coming up on April 7, 8, and 9th.  This is three days of very useful SQL Server content that you can watch from the comfort of your computer, with no travel time or travel expenses involved. There is a slate of great speakers, including David Baldauff, Glenn Berry, Denny Cherry,  Mike Davis, Donald Farmer, Daniel Galant, Jeffrey Garbus, Rick Garibay, Scott Golightly, Eric Harlan, Ben Hoelting, Rebecca Isserman, Adam Jorgensen, Kathi Kellenberger, Kevin Kline, Brian Knight, Devin Knight, Ted Malone, Paul Neilsen, Tom Roush, Jason Strate, and Craig Utley.

I will be available online during my recorded sessions to answer any questions that may come up from viewers. You can register for the conference here. If you use the VIPCode of GBERRYSPVC10, you will save an additional $30.00 off of the conference price.

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